Sexuality is a part of every-day life regardless of your relationship status, age, orientation, physical and mental abilities, race, religious background or social status. Natasha Helfer Parker believes that sexual health and satisfaction are most attainable when we have access to accurate and accessible education. Then we can apply this information to our situations in ways that fit with our values, relationships and individual ideals.


Natasha is an experienced Marriage & Family Therapist,  AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist Supervisor with over twenty years of experience working directly with couples, individuals and families. She regularly presents at a variety of national, professional and public conferences; speaks at various universities; holds ongoing retreats, trainings and workshops; regularly produces podcasts, blogs and featured articles; has worked with thousands of clients in private practice and agency settings; and is available for speaking engagements.  She is an advocate for sexual health in marginalized populations (LGBTQ, religious minorities, women) and champions de-stigmatizing sexual lifestyle choices due to cultural, personal or religious bias. 


As an entrepreneur passionate about empowering others within their sexual realm, Natasha has developed this platform facilitating live-streaming events, online courses, sex tips, downloadable materials and a community forum where people can safely discuss their questions and concerns. 

"Natasha I wanted to give a shout out and say THANK YOU! I’ve loved your channel and the topics discussed! Your approach is so refreshing. Talking about sex as if discussing the weather! No inhibitions. It puts the listener at ease. I look forward to upcoming programs!! Thanks again."

Natasha offers in-office and online therapy, wellness coaching and consultation services to both national and international clientele at Symmetry Solutions. Her clients say that she provides an "approachable and safe space often injected with humor" to discuss sensitive and personal subjects. 

When she isn't working or keeping busy with Sex Talk or other projects, Natasha hangs out with her husband and four children in Wichita, Kansas. 


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