Dealing with our Baggage

Most people who walk into my office in regards to issues around sexuality are looking for some level of sexual potential they do not feel they have reached or have lost access to. Whether this has to do with managing differences with a partner, connecting authentically to their own sexual tastes & preferences, wishing for more satisfying sexual encounters, dealing with anatomical dysfunction, or many other issues I could continue to list, I find that there is usually "baggage" that is either at the root cause or, at the very least, contributing to the presenting problem. Not all baggage is necessarily "bad." Baggage is what we carry with us. Most things were packed initially either by others (when we were too young to pack things for ourselves), or by younger versions of ourselves who packed what seemed useful at the time. But like all luggage, it should be cleaned out every once in a while. And one of the tasks of creating a healthy, authentic, grounded sexual self is to figure out what you want to keep (what's been useful and edifying) along your journey... and what is no longer needed (what has not served you or even been harmful to have in your bag to begin with). That's the stuff I want to help you discard.

I am going to do a blog series on the most common types of baggage that show up as people do the exercise of cleaning out their suitcases (both positive and negative). Some of these were covered in the overview of the first blog post: What is sex positivity? Please join me along the way by using these blog posts as journaling opportunities in your "Sex Talk with Natasha Journal" I'm encouraging all followers/subscribers to have.

Some reasons why working on a sex-positive approach to your life is beneficial:

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