Fear-Based Sexual Education

"Time to throw this out!" in the Baggage Series...

Do you realize that we do not currently offer comprehensive sexual education in the United States - one of the leading countries in the world in almost every other field? The history of sexual education is seeped in the puritanical history and ensuing legislation we have as a nation. To add insult to injury, much of the information we do offer students through public school sex ed programs is in of itself inaccurate. Nearly half of all schools fail to teach required topics and many are using outdated materials. The education we offer is based on reproductive functions, medical terms and is disease-focused. Anatomical parts that do not serve a reproductive function are usually ignored. Many girls and boys never formally learn about the clitoris, labia and other erogenous zones that help with pleasure and desire for females... information that would be relationally helpful to say the least. The abstinence-only approaches to sex-ed have failed abysmally. We have research to prove it, and yet we continue to fiscally support them with our tax dollars. We lag behind on world rates in developed countries in both unwanted pregnancy and STI transmission at a time when we have the technology available to make these types of issues almost obsolete. Parents still have the right to opt their children out of the sexual education that is available. In what other subject would it be deemed appropriate to say, "due to my religious or personal convictions... I choose to opt my child out of the mathematic, science or language art requirements for high school graduation."?

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