Reworking the Marital Contract

So, when we get married.... we don't often think about it this way.... but we've entered into a contract. A living arrangement contract. A financial contract. A legal contract. And most definitely a sexual contract.

What you say? You don't remember signing any such thing?

Well, what I mean by this is that you both had expectations about what your sexual life would look like, expectations about how you would act (or not act) sexually towards one another and others, and expectations on what you had a right to be (or not be) upset about if this contract was breeched in some way.

Except I doubt very much you spent much, if any, time ever talking about these expectations. One of the tasks of becoming more intentional, consistent, and pleasure-centric in your sexual life if you're married or in a long-term relationship... is to make sure you go back to the drawing table and clarify what type of contract you want to be living.

Here are twenty suggestions of topics you may want to cover:

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